Tea Towel - Kirra the Echidna
Tea Towel - Kirra the Echidna
Spotted Robin

Tea Towel - Kirra the Echidna

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Kirra the Echidna features the beautiful bold artwork of Melbourne based artist Lucinda Brash, using ink and water-colour.  Check-out those multi-coloured spines and long snout with tongue for slurping up those yummy ants, worms and insect larvae.  

Fun facts:  Did you know that Kirra's spines are actually long, tough and hollow hair follicles?!  Did you also note Kirra's hind claws and limbs?  Yes, they are facing backwards to help them dig.  How's that for nature's wonderful protective strategy to help echidnas dig their way out of trouble?!

Saddened by Australia's devastating bushfires and heartened by people, communities pulling together, Lucinda's collection of art features animals and birds who have been directly impacted and who's homes have been destroyed in many regions.  We're donating a percentage of our sales to wildlife protection programs.

Digitally printed onto a beautiful cotton/linen blend by the talented team at NextState printers.  Hemming is completed by the team at social enterprise The Social Studio.