Our Artists

Pamela Skromanis, Tasmania:

Using soft pastel, pencil, pen, watercolour and precision, Pamela’s work is derived from photographic images and is winning awards in her native Tasmania for her life-like work.  Largely self-taught, Pamela has attended the University of Third Age (U3A) and continues to participate in local art classes and community groups to share, learn and continue to grow.

Lucinda Brash, Melbourne, Victoria:

A love of animals, birds and the environment provides the inspiration for Lucinda’s 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional artwork.  Through her art, Lucinda likes to explore and promote the special connection between humans and other animals.  Renowned for her sculptures in mixed media, and with a special love for working with clay and bronze, Lucinda also enjoys celebrating our unique Australian wildlife in 2D with paintings in water colour, ink, acrylic and oil.  When not being a creative artist, Lucinda works as a lawyer and has fun with her children, partner and funny old dog.

You can find out more about Lucinda's beautiful 3D creations at Sculptures by Lucinda Brash.  'Meeting of Minds' and 'Phone Support' are two stunning bronze sculptures capturing special moments, and are pictured below. 

Through our collaboration, we’re working with Lucinda to create a collection of images and products featuring some Australian birds and animals who, along with their habitats, have been so devastated by the recent fires.  These include our gorgeous and iconic koala, wombat, echidna, kookaburra, cockatoo and regent honeyeater.