Spotted Robin supports Australia's Wildlife and Nature Recovery

Like all Australians and so many people from all over the world, we’ve been saddened by the loss of over one billion Aussie animals including koalas, kangaroos, wombats and kookaburras with the recent summer bushfire devastation, and are compelled to do what we can to help them recover.  Since January, we’ve been donating a percentage of our retail sales to WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund and we’ll continue to do so throughout the year. What beautiful SpottedRobin product will you choose to support this great cause?

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QK #2

Let's start at the beginning .... The idea behind QuokkaKids started in 2010 when my now 10 year old daughter created some pretty cute drawings.  Notwithstanding that cuteness is definitely in the eye of the beholder, I felt these images could be used to create a whole new t-shirt range.  Over the years I have prevaricated like you wouldn't believe, struggling to find an ethical screen printer overseas, trying to understand the t-shirt industry, but being wooed by the promise of 'easy money' :) Christmas 2015 my partner came across some great t-shirt designs down at the St Kilda Boulevard Market,...

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QuokkaKids goes viral

Well.... viral in my dreams every night.  QuokkaKids is the culmination of YEARS of navel gazing and procrastinating.  I can't pinpoint the moment when I finally decided to do something about this, but the advances in digital technology has made the process of setting up this store front a whole heap easier - BUT (and its a big but!), terrifying, challenging, daunting, adjective after adjective after adjective, you get the picture.  Using social media to advertise your products is hard, but great fun.  

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