Our Inspirations

The unique and stunning animals that we have in Australia are the inspiration behind our creations at SpottedRobin.  We feature rare bird species such as the Forty-Spotted Pardalote, our popular Superb Fairy Wrens, a gorgeous duo of Swamp Wallabies, our iconic Koala, Scarlet Robins, and a dear friend from our home-state, the Tasmanian Devil. 

We've had an unprecedented start to 2020, with Australia facing extreme conditions, devastating bushfires, flooding, dust storms and now the corona virus.  So many communities, livelihoods and precious animals and their habitats have been deeply impacted.  Our love and thoughts go to everyone impacted.

By way of contribution, we donated 20% of our retail sales to the WWF Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund throughout the Australia Day long weekend to the end of February. We will continue to donate 5% of our retail sales to this important work in moving forward.

Through our work we also aim to raise awareness of the risk of extinction that some of our beautiful species face.  Our Orange-Bellied Parrot has the saddening honour of being one of the world’s rarest and endangered species.  The iconic Tasmanian Devil was declared endangered in the late 1990’s due to the devastating Facial Tumour Disease which is spreading through Tasmania’s wild devil population. Recovery programs and captive breeding programs are in place, and we wish to do what we can to support the survival of these beautiful creatures by raising awareness through our beautiful products. 

 What beautiful SpottedRobin product will you choose to support the protection and recovery of our unique and stunning Australian wildlife?