Budgie Love Cotton Dining Napkin
Cloth napkins and serviettes with images of Australian wildlife. Swamp Wallabies, Budgies, Superb Fairy Wrens, Tasmanian Devil, Scarlet Robin, Striated Pardalote & Forty Spotted Pardalote
A collection of Australian wildlife printed on cloth napkins or serviettes
Spotted Robin

Cotton Dining Napkins - Budgie Love

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Two delightful budgie lovers nesting on a branch.  The Budgerigar or 'Budgie' is a colourful parrot native to Australia, having survived here for the last 5 million years.  They come in a variety of colours, including white, green and blue. 

Digitally printed from a pencil drawing by Tasmanian artist Pamela Skromanis, using eco-friendly inks and practices.  Printed onto 100% cotton (129 gsm) with a beautiful texture that has a slightly open weave, creating softness.  Each napkin is 40cm by 40cm.

Proudly printed and made in Melbourne, Australia.