Kala the Koala image on our cushion cover.
Kala the Koala printed on cushion cover.  Pictured with 'Meeting of Minds' sculpture in bronze by Lucinda Brash
Kala the Koala printed on cushion cover.  Pictured with bronze sculpture 'Phone Support' also by Lucinda Brash
Backing fabric colours (all hemp and organic cotton blend) - in neutral, duck-egg blue and charcoal
Cushion Cover - Kala the Koala
Spotted Robin

Cushion Cover - Kala the Koala

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Kala the Koala has been created by Melbourne based artist Lucinda Brash using ink and water colour.  Check-out those gorgeous fluffy ears, shiny nose and eyes that look out into the distance.

Saddened by Australia's devastating bushfires and heartened by people and communities pulling together, Lucinda's collection of art features animals and birds who have been directly impacted and whose habitats have been destroyed in many regions.  We're donating a percentage of our sales (across all of our products) to wildlife protection programs.

Printed on 100% cotton, measuring 41cm x 41cm with a zip for easy inserting and removal of the cushion insert (the cushion insert is not included).  The backing is made from sustainable and organic fibres comprising hemp 55% and organic cotton 45%.  Pick and choose your backing colour from light-toned neutral, a deeper charcoal to match Kala's colourings or a blue to highlight the sky.  

We partner with wonderful Melbourne artisans to create our products.  Printing has been done by the team at Next State who are accredited by the Ethical Council of Australia and use a water based pigment ink that is Oeko-Tex approved.

Hemming is done by the team at The Social Studio, based in Melbourne; they're a fabulous social enterprise that champions the values of diversity, community, education, environmentally sustainable design and ethical business practices.   

Kala the Koala is pictured here along with two of Lucinda's beautiful bronze sculptures:  'Meeting of Minds' and 'Phone Support'.