Unique and Quirky Calico Bags - Inspired by our Kids

The world needs less plastic and more calico bags!  We heard the call and started off printing 3 of the quirkiest bags you could find.  Take your choice from purple faced Wilma, the 5 Princesses who love to muse or a poem about a princess, her castle and pet puppy.

The bag designs are taken from drawings created by my children when they were a tad younger than they are today.

We try and keep true to our ethos of keeping it in Australia and so, whilst the bags weren't made in Australia, we have printed them here.  

Onto the details .....the bags are double stitched with reinforced seams and made from a soft calico material.  The bag's body size is 37cm x 41cm and the entire length of the handle is approximately 80cm (give or take).